Q&A for Individual Travel

 Q. What does the service cost?

A. The cost of the service is based upon the mileage. £3.75 for your first 2 miles then £1.80 for every mile thereafter.

 Q. When is the service available?

A. We operate the service from 8.00am – 6.00pm five days a week, with a limited service in the evenings and weekends.

 Q. Can I make a regular booking?

A. Yes regular bookings can be taken in line with our terms and conditions

 Q. How can I book a journey?

A. You need to be registered as a member. For details of our simple membership process and our charges please contact us by:

Phone – 0161 419 3580,

E-mail –  info@easygoct.org.uk

Please click here to complete an Individual Travel Membership Form & click here to view our Travel Letter