Easy-go CT (Stockport) was formed in 2009 as the result of a merger between Easy-Go Travel and Stockport Community Transport.

We provide a transport service for residents of Stockport Metropolitan Borough who find it difficult or impossible to use public transport because of their vulnerability (for example frailty or disability) and the location of their starting point or destination.

The service can be used for all manner of trips. Currently our members use us to take them shopping, to take them to and from day centres, luncheon clubs and hospital appointments and for group outings. We will also undertake longer journeys such as to and from holiday destinations – anywhere in the mainland UK.  Contact us for a quote.

We aim to do this in a friendly, courteous and professional manner taking into account our passengers’ particular needs. Our primary consideration will always be the safety and comfort of our passengers.

Taxation, insurance and licensing regulations mean that potential passengers must become members of easy-go CT before they can use our services and need to pre-book all journeys through the office.