There has been a Community Transport presence in Stockport for over 30 years.


Easy Go CT is the current community transport operator and has been providing accessible transport to Voluntary and Community groups for many of these years.


If you are a voluntary, community or none profit making organisation based in the borough of Stockport or the surrounding areas then you can use our services once you have completed our Free and easy membership process.


We have a mixed fleet of vehicles, all accessible varying in size from 9 to16 passenger seats.




Should you wish to register to use our Group Travel service please read the


terms & conditions enclosed, complete the enclosed group travel membership form and return it signed to the above address.  If the invoicing address is different to your membership address, please ensure you complete section 5 invoice details.


A membership card with your groups member number will be sent out to you, please quote this number when making a booking.




Please give as much notice as possible and we will endeavor to accommodate your request, but unfortunately this is not always possible and cannot be guaranteed.


In order for us to provide the most efficient service we can, please ring 01614193580 and select option 1 for your enquiry alternatively e-mail


Our offices hours are Monday to Friday 10am till 4pm


We look forward to hearing from you in the future.


Thank you


Easy-Go CT