Green News!! Is this the way forward??

Easy Go will be trialling the New Nissan Envy all Electric Wheelchair Accessible MPV converted by BROTHERWOOD Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.  Link

If anyone would be interested in having a look please email or telephone 01614193580

The Brotherwood Envy is the UK’s First Fully Electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, based on the Nissan eNV-200 Combi. With 5 standard seats plus capacity for 1 wheelchair passenger, and the newly designed Brotherwood ramp system, which raises effortlessly without lifting when required, and folds at the touch of a button to create a flat luggage area when no wheelchair users are on board.

The zero-emission powertrain offers significant savings in running cost for those requiring a multi-purpose vehicle with wheelchair accessibility: becoming the first WAV to offer Congestion Charge exemption, low rate Benefit-in-Kind, and ‘fuel’ cost reduced to as little as 2p per mile; servicing costs are also thought to be approximately £350 lower than an equivalent petrol or diesel powered vehicle. In total it is estimated that inner city users in particular could save over £4,000 per vehicle per year by switching to electric power. (source:

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