Q&A for Group Travel

Q. How much does it costs to hire the minibus?

A. The standard charge for our minibuses is £50 per day then a mileage charge of £1.80 per mile. However Stockport based Community Groups get the first 10miles for free

(The charge includes the driver, fuel and insurance costs).

 Q. When is the service available?

A. We operate the service from 8.00am – 6.00pm five days a week, with a limited service in the evenings and weekends. Regular bookings taken.

 Q. How can I book a journey?

A. You need to be registered as a member. For details of our simple membership process and charges please contact us by:

Phone – on 0161 419 3580

E-mail –  info@easygoct.org.uk

Please click here to fillin in a Group Travel Membership Form & click here to view our T&C’s