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Easy-go does “exactly what it says on the tin”, it makes the going for wheelchair users and other travellers easy. There are no inpatient drivers, anxious to get to their next job, and you get help to and from your door if necessary. I have had a number of hospital appointments in the past few years. The ambulance service is of course free of charge, but the booking procedure is complicated and they insist on picking you up two hours before your appointment. On the other hand, I phone Easy-go and choose my own times for going and coming; it’s dearer than a bus ride but cheaper than a taxi. So why not join today membership is free. Andrew Armstrong
As a long term Easy Go customer I have been very well treated and had my transport needs met. The staff are the best trained drivers I have ever come across and I always feel 100% safe and respected. Thanks to Easy Go CT I have attended college for 3 years, the University of Manchester for 2 years, completed over 350 volunteer hours working as a counsellor in Stockport and attended many training courses in Stockport. If Greater Manchester wanted to be seen as a leader in accessible travel for all disabled people, then the working model Easy-Go CT have created, the training of their staff, their reasonable rates and their dedication are all perfect examples of how things should be done. This should be rolled out across the country. Michelle Keifer